Friday, May 29, 2020
Consulting Team  

Zanokuhle Environmental Services (ZES)
was established in September 2005. The company specialises in the provision of environmental solutions. The goal of the company is to address environmental challenges by utilising competent people and specialised technologies in the field of air quality management. Our aim is to empower youth by transferring skills and sourcing international training where possible in order to bridge the current gap in the air quality management sector.
Team members have developed a healthy working relationship over the past few years having previously worked together in the development and implementation of the Multi Point Plan. ZES have also succeeding in securing the services of Shepstone and Wylie, one of Durban’s leading law firms to assist with legal side of the AQA-AQMP project. Shepstone and Wylie has an excellent track record in similar work for DEAT.

NILU has 150 highly qualified staff, consisting of scientists; engineers and technicians specialized for work with air pollution problems. NILU has specialized in computerized automatic air pollution surveillance, planning and optimal abatement strategy planning. This AirQUIS system is an air pollution management and planning system designed for managers and decision-makers. The system has also been applied in Durban’
NILU's clients vary from small local businesses to the World Bank and UN organisations. Examples are: UNECE (United Nations
Economic Commission for Europe), OECD, World Health Organisation / UNEP, The European Commission, The World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The Nordic Investment Bank, Egypt Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), DANIDA, NORAD, Nordic Council of Ministers, Local, regional and national authorities, Norwegian Ministry of Environment, Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, The Research Council of Norway, Industries, power plants, traffic authorities.