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Air quality plan required in the Act
The National Environmental Management Act for South Africa states that each national department, provinces and municipalities that are responsible for preparing an environmental implementation plan or environmental management plan, as presented in Chapter 3 of the Act, must include an air quality management plan.

Study tours and workshops
A number of Study Tours and workshops are being conducted as part of the AQMP development. The objective of these Study Tours is to exchange information and know-how on Air Quality Management planning between Reference Group members. The presnetations from these work shops can be found under "documents".

Workshops for draft AQMP Manual

A draft manual was submitted to the reference group at the end of February 2008 for comment.  The representatives from provincial and local spheres of government were then invited to attend a workshop presenting the draft manual. The intention of the workshop was to present the manual and allow feedback from officials at the different levels of government to inform the final version of the manual. Workshop report can be found under "documents".

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AIR QUALITY ACT 39 OF 2004, Air Quality Management Planning

The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) is preparing an efficient and effective implementation of those sections of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (Act No. 39, 2004) detailing governmental air quality management planning requirements. ZES and NILU are supporting DEAT in establishing the baseline for this air quality management planning tools.
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National Framework Report
Input was prepared from the AQMP to the National Framework report. National Governments will have to enforce the National AQM legislative framework with Provincial and local government being required to operate within this framework.

Draft Manual for Air Quality Management Planning
The draft manual attached under “documents” was released for comment on 26 February 2008 to various stakeholders. The final manual should be available at the end of July 2008.  For further enquiries please contact or


Reference Group workshops proposed:
Kwa Zulu Natal: 18 June 2007
Gauteng:  21- 22 June 2007 to overlap with end of Air Quality Officers Forum meeting.

Seminar and workshop
Presentation of Draft Implementation Manual:
About 10 October 2007 

Draft AQMP Manual workshop
Workshops presenting the draft Manual for Air Quality Management Planning:
3 – 4 April 2008 (EKURHULENI)
7 – 8 April 2008 (CAPE TOWN)
10 – 11 April 2008 (SECUNDA).